Pick a type of transformer that best suits your needs.

Line reactor transformers are available for applications from 2 amps to 500 amps and are offered in either 3% or 5% impedance depending on their usage. They are generally used with motors and drives. By and large, many of these applications are prone to overload conditions and severe power disturbances.

After decades of experience, Marcus offers a vast array of trouble-free reactors to meet any customer’s needs. Marcus reactors feature heatproof insulation, low heat dissipation and most importantly, elimination of saturation under extreme overloads at double current value. The Marcus MLR (open type) and MLRC (closed type) products eliminate problems in the line, including harmonic distortions, nuisance tripping, line notching, line noise and surge current.

Whatever your application, Marcus can make any line reactor to suite your needs. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll build it to your specifications, usually within one week.

Applications of Line Reactors

Use an AC line reactor for the following applications:

  • At the drive input to reduce harmonics
  • To provide some light buffering against low magnitude line spikes
  • To add line impendence
  • At the drive output to increase load inductance
  • At the drive output to reduce the effect of reflected wave

Note: A reactor does not fix grounding issues nor does it provide isolation. Keep in mind that while a reactor provides some buffering, it does not provide isolation and cannot take the place of an isolation transformer.